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Gwyneth Paltrow

Founder, Goop; Creative Director, Juice Beauty

GWYNETH PALTROW WANTS TO LOOK in your medicine cabinet, and here’s why: the outspoken actress is a truffle pig of toxicity, instantly sniffing out chemical products. We’re talking aluminum-based deodorants, mercury-infused mascaras and moisturizers that rely on tire lubricants for increased texture.

“I used to naively assume my products were safe,” Paltrow explains. “That someone was regulating the industry. When I realized that wasn’t the case, I had to do something.”

But after looking for nontoxic versions of the synthetic, high performance brands she enjoyed, Paltrow realized there weren’t any. “Screw it,” she said, “I’ll make ’em myself.”

Because toxins in your lotion ain't cool.

Gwyneth Paltrow - Founder, Goop; Creative Director, Juice Beauty

“WHEN I WAS 26, my father was diagnosed with cancer,” Paltrow explains. “And I so badly wanted him to get better that I started researching the different toxins in consumer products — anything that might be making him sick.”

She discovered that many goods — food, makeup, skincare — use harmful synthetics. Potential side effects? Everything from premature aging to hormone imbalance to cancer.

“As an actress, I spend a lot of time in makeup,” Paltrow continues. “And while I don’t wear it heavily in my day-to-day life, many people do. Even men will slather themselves in lotion, so, this impacts everyone.”

Another problem, Paltrow says, is a lack of consumer education — that corporations conceal antifreeze, which millions of people apply to their face every day.

“But thankfully that’s starting to change,” she adds. “The past 10, 20 years — with the advent of the Internet — have seen an explosion of information around what we put in and on our bodies. The issue now is making organic products effective and affordable so people can buy them once they know what to get.”

The Issue: Personal Products Aren't Safe

The past 10, 20 years... have seen an explosion of information around what we put in and on our bodies.”
Gwyneth Paltrow - Founder, Goop; Creative Director, Juice Beauty
The issue now is making organic products effective and affordable.”

BUT WHEN PALTROW WENT SHOPPING, she found nothing offered the results she desired. So, she did two things: one, team up with organic leaders, Juice Beauty, to create a line of clean cosmetics; two, develop safe skincare products under her Goop brand.

“These products are safe enough to eat. I use things like coconut alkaline instead of silicones, crushed rose petals instead of dye. And while I’m not sure how good they’ll taste, you’re welcome to give them a try.”

To truly walk the walk, Paltrow ensured price points remain between an accessible $20-140.

“I wanted to disrupt the beauty industry,” Paltrow explains. “And you can’t disrupt a consumer-driven industry unless your products are affordable to the average consumer. You first have to make sure they’re good, because people won’t buy products that don’t work, but then it’s all about accessible pricing.”

The Solution: Safe, Affordable Products

You can't disrupt a consumer-driven industry unless your products are affordable.”

According to Paltrow, it’s now the consumers turn to solidify this disruption.

“It’s up to us to demonstrate this issue’s important,” Paltrow continues. “Because it’s clear that the consumer will always win over time. We can vote with our wallets.”

And with everyone from Jessica Alba’s Honest Company to Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James now also brandishing the toxin-free flag, we have to ask: was it tough going first?

“I founded Goop in 2008, long before wellness was trendy… And I remember David Bowie once said, ‘Never be the first to do anything.’  It’s easier to be second. [Laughs] Let’s just say I now understand why.”

So, what can you do?


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