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For Those Changing
Their Industries

DISRUPTION — THE WORD IS HOT, USED EVERYWHERE FROM CES TO VOGUE. But what makes something disruptive? In our opinion, a disruption occurs when a person changes the course of their industry. When a filmmaker redefines how politicians campaign for president, or an A-list celebrity single-handedly creates the wellness industry. Consider us your ultimate source on the disruptive trend of the twenty-first century.


Emily Siegel
Founder, Editor in Chief
Emily is a New York City-based writer and creative. Her work has appeared in leading publications such as Forbes, Man Repeller and Food & Wine. Also, she is writing this and feels weird using the third person. (Hi mom!)


Frankie Turiano
Head of Video Content
Frankie is a New York native director, cinematographer and photographer hailing from Manhattan’s Lower East Side. He specializes in dark, neon images and commercial storytelling.


Nick Hoffmann
Production Coordinator
Nick assists Cameron on all things video and brings our team those Draco Malfoy good looks.

Board of Advisors: Arun Chaudhary, Saneel Radia and Milo Siegel